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Wet Bar

Wet Bar

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Wet Bar Remodel

Most often seen in basements, wet bars provide a complimentary space to a room that allows for fun relaxation and entertaining away from the kitchen. People are drawn to where the food and drinks are, and installing a wet bar gives people a place to gather that isn’t the kitchen. Game nights are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to tread all the way to the kitchen to rinse out a glass and fetch some snacks since a wet bar makes entertaining simple.

Why Choose A Wet Bar Over A Dry Bar?

As the name suggests, the only real difference between a wet bar and a dry bar is that a wet bar has a sink and requires plumbing. A wet bar remodel will provide a counter area with running water and a sink so that you can serve drinks and have gatherings in areas of your home aside from your kitchen. While you most commonly see wet bars in basements, they can be installed throughout your house, even on a deck or a patio for a truly luxurious feel.

Many people will choose a dry bar instead of a wet bar because they don’t want to deal with the plumbing, and just want a place to pour drinks – alcoholic or not. Wet bars give you both a place to pour said drinks and to clean them off, making wet bars the more convenient choice. Plus, since wet bars have sinks, this saves you space in your kitchen, because you can just take care of dishes right there, rather than needing to trudge across the house to pile them up in your kitchen sink. 

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Design Aspects Of Wet Bars

Wet bars aren’t a one and done, you want one, you got one. When you’re designing a wet bar remodel, you’ll want to take into consideration how it’s going to be used. Whether or not it is a strictly adult space or one that is kid-friendly will impact the design, as you’ll want to ensure any alcohol is secured away from little hands. Some parents love to install wet bars so that their kids can have a place to hang out with their friends with snacks and drinks and all that isn’t right by the adults. Other people prefer their wet bars to be cozier, while others want them more high-tone.

Generally, a wet bar has a counter, a sink, storage space either above and/or below. You can also have a microwave built into your wet bar, a wine cooler, or a mini-fridge to keep drinks cool. 

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Show Off Your Personal Tastes

Copper Creek Basements can customize your wet bar however you like. Would you like your basement to feel like a luxurious hotel? Or perhaps take elements of your favorite club home with you? Or would you rather it be cozier, with kid-friendliness assured? You can really go all out here. Your wet bar can be center-stage or tucked into a corner.

It can have a full farm sink and deep, dark wood with matching floating cabinets. It can be marble with brass fixtures for a more classy feel. You can have glass cabinets, wine storage, media systems, appliances… Truly, the floor is yours. However you want your wet bar to look, Copper Creek Basements can bring that vision to life. Whatever you intend to use it for, whatever you want it to look like, just work with us, and we’ll make it happen.

Why Work With A Professional

As you can imagine since plumbing is involved, you’ll want to work with a professional finishing company like Copper Creek Basements in order to have a wet bar remodel. It can be very time-consuming to try to DIY your wet bar, especially if you have a specific vision in mind for how you want it to look and where you want it to be. Working with a professional will ensure that you don’t accidentally flood your basement, that all the plumbing is done right, and that your wet bar looks exactly how you dreamed it would. 

Why get frustrated with everything that goes into building a wet bar remodel when you can hire professionals who have the experience and equipment to ensure it is done smoothly? Plus, when you choose Copper Creek Basements in Ogden, UT to build your wet bar remodel, you have complete freedom, since we customize everything to your wishes. To learn more about wet bar remodels for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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