Basement Flooring Ogden UT

Basement Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home comes down to aesthetics, durability, and
maintainability. For your basement, durable flooring is a must when you are using it for
various activities. Flooring can make or break your basement project and limit the
function of your recreational space.

Depending on what floor plan you choose for your basement and what each area is
being used for, will determine what flooring is best for you. Copper Creek Basements
helps you to customize your basement space and estimate what flooring will be best for
your budget.

How To Choose The Right Flooring

Choosing durable flooring for a basement will come down to how much impact it will see
daily and how you want to use your basement. For home gyms, choosing laminate or
durable flooring is your best choice for heavy equipment and weights.

If you are going to use your basement as an additional living space or a basement
apartment, having multiple types of flooring can make the space homier. Carpet for
family rooms and hallways, and tile for bathrooms and kitchens are best for everyday

Keeping moisture, flooding, humidity, and comfort in mind when choosing a flooring
option, will help you make the best decision. There are lots of mechanics and aspects to
consider when designing a basement, but flooring needs to be one of the top priorities.
Proper flooring can help keep the temperature comfortable, allow you to work out safely,
prevent damage, and allow you to sit and play in comfort.

Keeping Basement Flooring Level

Another aspect of basement flooring that people often overlook is making sure that the
subflooring is straight and above grade before you apply another flooring solution
overtop. Imperfections in your subflooring can affect other materials that are laid over
the top of it. Fixing these problems, cracks, or delaminations first will ensure that your
new flooring looks and performs its best.

If these issues are not addressed, they can create divots in your flooring, warping or
cracking, or even pooling water between your subflooring and top floor solution. In order
to keep the flooring level, you will need to trust the services of a professional contractor

or construction company. Copper Creek Basements can help improve your subflooring
before starting renovations on your basement. We can also provide an estimate on how
much repairs and the basement finishing will cost before we even start.

Dealing With Flooding

It is possible and common for basements to flood or see rising water tables during
certain times of the year. Choosing a flooring option that is moisture resistant or one
that a protective floor coating can be applied over top will prevent damages and limit
repair costs. Epoxy, tile, or concrete are the best water-resistant options for basements.

Basement Finishing With Copper Creek Basements

Our team at Copper Creek Basements can help you completely customize your
basement. Our experts can help provide advice, install quality materials, create a
smooth layout, improve temperature, and give you a space to enjoy yourself with your
favorite people. Copper Creek works hard to improve homes across the Northern Utah
area and grow our satisfied customer base. Contact us to get started on your basement