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Basement Ceilings

When homeowners tackle basement finishing they think of two common options for
basement ceilings, drop ceilings or plain drywall. While these options can work for your
space, they are not the only options available. Ceilings may see less attention during
remodeling projects, but having a quality ceiling can help keep your basement at a
controlled temperature and protect it from leaks.
Basement ceilings can help add personality to the space and make it match the rest of
the design of your home. Ceiling solutions should help hold and hide electrical, protect
your basement, and make your basement design cohesive.

The Most Beneficial Basement Ceiling Options

Depending on what you are turning your basement into or using it for will determine
what ceiling options are best for you. Besides drywall or drop ceilings, some common
options for basement ceilings include:

● Suspended ceilings
● Tile ceilings
● Wooden planks ceilings
● Painted rafters or pipes
● Corrugated metal ceiling
● Box ceilings
● Soffit ceilings

If you have pipes or obstructions that dip below your joists, you may want to consider
painting, box ceilings, or soffit ceilings, or covering these obstructions with fabric.
Distracting from the industrial look will help your basement feel homier.
For basements that don’t have obstacles, choosing any ceiling that fits the vibe of what
you are using your basement for is the most beneficial ceiling. If you are going to use
your basement for a wet bar, wine cellar, or gaming space, a tile ceiling or metal may
help complete the look.

Limiting Sound Reverberation

For basements, sound reverberation is a common problem because of thick concrete
walls with limited insulation. If you are going to use your basement as an additional
hang-out space, music room, or theatre, it can be helpful to absorb sound.

One way to help limit echoes is to install insulation in floor joints/ basement ceilings.
This insulation can not only help with absorbing sound and limiting echoes from the
upstairs floors, but it can also help improve the temperature of the basement.
There are also different options on the market for sound-blocking tiles that can be
installed into your ceiling. The entire ceiling can be made out of these tiles or they can
be mixed in with other tiles to add more visual interest to your basement ceiling.
Gaps between your ceiling and walls, around windows, or under doors can lead to
sound traveling through or around your basement. Seal any gaps to help limit sound
from upstairs from entering the basement or allowing basement noise to bounce around
the area.

Add Interest To An Entertaining Space

Every aspect of a basement can add visual interest and be a part of the design. While
ceilings, flooring, or window/lighting solutions are necessary for a home, they can serve
a dual purpose. Ceilings can be painted, or installed in a pattern to add interest to your
basement. When you use your basement for entertainment, gaming, or relaxing, having
a detailed design on your ceiling can make the space feel more put together. Painted
beams, colored tiles, or different colored wood or metal can show personality in a
seemingly dull basement.

Projects with Copper Creek Basements

Our professional basement finishing crew can help make your vision come to life.
Basement finishing can be a great investment for your home because it increases your
usable space and overall home value. Copper Creek Basements specializes in
basement flooring, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, and more! No matter
what you want to use the underground space for, our technicians can help. Our Ogden, UT-based company looks forward to helping improve your home.