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  • basement family room Farmington UT

    Family Room

    Family rooms can be added to any level of your home, from the top floor to the basement, and can be customized to look exactly how you want them to. Finishing a family room is a wonderful way to bring your family closer together. The floors and lighting you choose for your family room can change its atmosphere, as can how it’s designed. Copper Creek Basements can add in a fireplace that really enhances the warm feeling of a family room, as well as play with the floorplan and doors to open up or seclude the space, depending on what you want.

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  • Bedroom Ogden UT


    Making your basement space into a spare bedroom can provide many benefits to your home. The total number of bedrooms in your home will significantly impact its resale value. It can help you make more money monthly, as well as have more space for visiting relatives and guests. To learn more about how to add a bedroom to your basement, reach out to Copper Creek Basements.

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  • shiflet Ogden UT


    A lack of bathrooms can cause many issues between the residents of your home. If there are multiple adults or other family members living in your home, there will likely be conflicting schedules, causing issues with the use of the bathroom. Adding a bathroom to your basement can help get rid of this problem and can also improve the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell your home, another bathroom will be a great selling point.

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  • basement finishing northern utah

    Basement Finishing

    Basement finishings can be made into a variety of different spaces that can best serve your family. Basement finishings don’t have to be an expensive project, it can be as simple as adding insulation, lighting, or flooring. But completely finishing the basement will help increase the ROI. We at Copper Creek Basements can help improve the appearance and the value of your home through efficient and methodical basement finishing services.

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  • theater room Ogden UT

    Theater Rooms

    A home theater may be the ideal solution for your unfinished basement. It can expand the livable space of your home and provide many benefits to your family. The basement is the perfect place to install your home theater. The lighting upstairs is more likely to be unsuitable for movie watching, due to more windows and infiltration from the sun. If you are looking for a way to add significant value to your home and/or want to pursue your passions for movies, install a theater room in your basement with Copper Creek Basements.

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  • kitchen Ogden UT


    Adding a kitchen to your basement can significantly increase the value of your home. It can make cooking and hosting guests much more convenient. It can also help you handle larger cooking projects. It is necessary to hire a professional to complete your kitchen addition, because it will require a broad array of skills. To learn more about obtaining a kitchen for your basement, contact us at Copper Creek Basements today!

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  • basement wet bar utah

    Wet Bar

    Most often seen in basements, wet bars provide a complementary space to a room that allows for fun and relaxation and entertaining away from the kitchen. People are drawn to where the food and drinks are, and installing a wet bar gives people a place to gather that isn’t the kitchen. Game nights are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to run all the way to the kitchen to rinse out a glass and fetch some snacks.

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  • workout room Ogden UT

    Workout Rooms

    There are many benefits to having a workout room installed in your home. Exercising will be much more convenient, which may encourage you to exercise more frequently. Working out at a gym requires you to pay for a membership, travel to the gym, face the crowds, and wait for the equipment. To learn more about how to install a workout room in your basement, contact us at Copper Creek Basements today.

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  • basement storage room utah

    Storage Room

    Finishing your basement can be a great choice if in order to create a safe, clean area to store your belongings. By implementing shelves and other storage pieces to your basement, you can protect your belongings from problems such as flooding, animal infestations, etc. By designing a quality storage space, you will be able to protect your belongings and also have a nice looking area of your home.

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Creating Your Dream Basement

Working with Copper Creek Basements is an experience defined by professionalism, creativity, and unwavering dedication to turning your basement dreams into reality. We are a team of experts who understand the unique potential of your basement space and are committed to bringing your vision to life. Our collaborative approach ensures that your needs and preferences are at the forefront of every decision, from the initial design concepts to the final finishing touches.

With years of experience and a reputation for top-notch craftsmanship, you can trust that your basement project is in capable hands. Whether it’s a cozy retreat, an entertainment haven, or a functional workspace you seek, Copper Creek Basements transforms your basement into a place where comfort and style meet seamlessly, enhancing your home and your lifestyle. Experience the Copper Creek difference and unlock the full potential of your basement space today.

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basement finishing Layton UT
Megan F (Meggs)
We are so happy we chose Copper Creek. Our basement is beautiful and well done. It's like having a new home. Everyone was so great to work with, very respectful, and always asked for our input in decision-making. Very communicative if a problem arose, and working with Ian and the team was like working with a friend. We had many wires for the home theater and confusing plumbing for our espresso machine and Justin and Cory were so helpful in getting them to work. We recommend Copper Creek to anyone, and we'd love to use them again when we remodel the upstairs.
Katie Rohbock
We had a wonderful experience with Copper Creek Basements when they finished our basement. From start to finish they were responsive and professional. If they said they were going to show up, they did. When the schedule needed adjusting the communicated it immediately so we weren’t left wondering. The contractors who came were kind and professional as well. If we had questions or concerns they would respond to our calls or texts as quickly as they could. We were very happy with the results. Our basement looks amazing and was well-done. I would definitely recommend copper Creek Basements.
Susie Todd
Justin, Suzon, Ian, Justin, and the rest of the crew and contractors were absolutely amazing! They got done ahead of schedule, they were very organized, efficient and professional. Extremely easy to work with! Their bid was very competitive with the other bids we received at a very fair price. Their workmanship was on point and their communication was easy and effective. We HIGHLY recommend Copper Creek Basements for any job you need!
Peggy Mckinney
After getting several quotes for completing our basement, my husband and I chose Copper Creek and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Every person working for Copper Creek was professional, eager to please, open to requests, and seem to have a genuine desire to make us happy with our basement. From the initial contact and evaluation to the completion of the project, they treated us like we were the most important customer they had. Unlike other businesses we contacted, Copper Creek gave us a precise quote and they stuck to it. Every request and special detail we asked for was included and everyone took pride in their workmanship. Everyone was honest and no request was too small or too large. No matter the time of day or day of the week, we could contact Justin, Brad, or Suzon and get any question or problem taken care of. Our experience was great. We highly recommend Copper Creek Basements.
Nate Lundgreen
I have worked with Copper Creek basements for many years. Brad and Justin are great, fun and honest guys and operate a very professional business!! They are very detail oriented and have very good communication with the trades they do business with. When I meet their customers, they always have positive things to say and the experience is always good!!! I would definitely use copper creek to finish my basement. From apartments to finishing just a bathroom they can do it all and do it well!!

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